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    Songs and ballads about the furious ups and darkest downs of love. Matthias Paul has written the german and english ballads together with his friend Ingo Ludwig Frenzel; who is a composer for film music.

On stage Matthias Paul is accompanied by Sebastian Düwelt, who is an outstanding pianist. His songs tell, from the very beginning till the painful end, a refreshing new view of the chaos, mystery and passion around love and relationships. A heart felt evening of excitement and passion!

  Titel 01: Ich will wenigstens / 1 min  

  Titel 02: Sei bereit / 1 min  

  Titel 03: Ballade vom Eheglück / 1 min  

  Titel 04: Schluss / 1 min  

  Titel 05: Es wird so sein / 1 min